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  • 27.11.2020
    Stumpp + Schüle sets course for the future
    Stumpp + Schüle sets course for the future
    Stumpp + Schüle has made important decisions for... [read more]
  • 23.11.2020
    Information related to Covid-19
    Information related to Covid-19
    The worldwide spread of Corona 19 is an unprecedented ex... [read more]

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Stumpp + Schüle sets course for the future

Stumpp + Schüle has made important decisions for the future orientation of the company by
further investments in the Slovakian site and in new software tools.

Despite the major challenges that the Automotive supplier industry has faced throughout this year,
Stumpp + Schüle has continued to devote its capacities and resources to strengthen the future orientation for both sites from a strategic point of view and push ahead with its implementation.

Since 2019, Stumpp + Schüle s. r. o. in Nové Zámky has been investing in the development of its own tool shop. The objective is to provide the complete design and manufacturing of progressive tools for stamped parts from in-house toolmaking expertise by the end of 2021.
The intense build-up continued this year despite COVID19 and several months of short-time work, not least thanks to the Lesjöfors Group's approval of further investments in corresponding equipment.

Moreover, a second strategic aspect was added:
With the partially implemented relocation of Bihler machines to the Slovakian plant, the decision was made to provide design and manufacturing of corresponding inhouse tools for this field of technology. Here, too, initial activities are already underway, including the first project realisations in Nové Zámky.
The Slovakian site of Stumpp + Schüle is thus increasingly developing into a European competence centre for tool design and tool construction in the field of pressings. In this context, the Stumpp + Schüle Group expects not only synergy effects for the German location, where the Bihler production is mainly located.

"With our investments in the Slovakian site, we aim to strengthen our local presence as well as the market position of Stumpp + Schüle in general. Especially in connection with the „Local-for-Local” topic, which is more relevant than ever, we consider it absolutely necessary to expand our product and service portfolio for our customers accordingly", explains Miro Ribaric, the Managing Director of the Stumpp + Schüle Group.
Stefan Kostolani, Managing Director of Stumpp + Schüle s. r. o., adds: "These investments will make us much more competitive and give us more power and flexibility."

Finally yet importantly, the ongoing trend of digitalisation does not stop at Stumpp + Schüle:
With the migration to a new ERP system at the Beuren site by Q1/2021, the German site will switch to the software solution Movex used by the Lesjöfors Group for many years.
The German workforce is currently attending regular training and practice in groups in order to prepare for the system migration. Advantages are foreseen in improved communication and networking within the Group, but also in faster processes.
Lastly, since the beginning of October 2020, the Sales division has been using an innovative AI tool to support insights research and lead generation aiming to support the existing CRM system and processes.

Midway through all these developments, Stumpp + Schüle looks forward to future challenges in a
positive and enthusiastic manner and wishes all readers continuing good health and staying power!

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