Our testing technology

Execution of material and parts tests and lifetime test during product development and product verification.

Our testing technology


  • Material tests
    Before the material is released for parts production, we generally conduct a material test. We have special systems to carry out oscillation test for material testing.

  • Parts tests
    We test all parts we produce with modern testing technology. The tests are done along the production processes and at the end of the production processes in accordance with the test intervals specified in the production management schedule.

  • Lifetime tests 
    Liefetime test are carried out in our company as part of our product development and for assurance of on-going product quality. 

    In particular, in the spring production segment Stumpp+Schüle is one of the largest providers of endurance tests because of the number and variety of its testing equipment. The lifetime of cyclically stressed parts such as springs is generally limited. Therefore, we conduct a lifetime analyses on the critical components prior to their use or we carry out appropriate endurance oscillation tests, which allow us to estimate the durability of the spring. 

    We determine the fatigue strength of materials or springs with the Wöhler fatigue test. The springs are cyclically stressed under a sinusoidal stress-time function. The stress amplitudes and the tensile strength ratio from low to high cycle fatigue are constant. To determine these values, the springs are tested on several load parameters. The test goes on until a defined failure (spring breakage) occurs or a determined threshold oscillation parameter is reached.




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Example: Compression Spring test


Example: Compression Spring test



Example: Compression Spring lifetime test


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