Profitability, quality and environmental awareness are guiding principles for our actions. These principles are reflected in all areas of the company.



Profitability, Quality and Environmental Awareness

Stumpp+Schüle focuses its interest on the satisfaction of its customers.

This objective can be achieved only if four main requirements are fulfilled:


  • Absolute top quality
  • On time deliveries 
  • Defect-free products
  • Service appropriate to the product 


The fulfillment of these requirements is mandatory for Stumpp+Schüle.

Our corporate responsibility lies in the triangle between economy, society and preservation of the environment and resources.

Adherence to all criteria is monitored by a quality and environmental management system, which is subject to a continuous improvement process.

In order to be able to ensure this in the long term, Stumpp+Schüle fully identifies with international standards ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001.

Our quality certificates for the plants in Beuren and Slovakia can be downloaded under the heading Service. 







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DOWNLOAD the complete certificate.



ISO 14001 Certificate
DOWNLOAD the complete certificate.

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