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Look to the future with confidence. With our experience and our equally broad and deep range of product and service solutions, we guarantee you the best possible results for your application.

Feder Produkte

Wire springs

Stumpp + Schüle has been manufacturing compression springs and other wire components for many years.

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Stanz- und Biegeteile Produkte

Pressings and Bending Parts

We manufacture pressings/bending parts mainly from strip components and with different technologies.

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Baugruppen Herstellung


We are able to supply you with mechanical components of all kinds, into which our parts are incorporated.

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Wire Forms


Compression Springs

From development to series production with endurance tests – we offer you our full support in the production of your individual compression spring.


Wire Forms

We support you in the development, sample production and series production of wire forms that are precisely tailored to your requirements.

Pressings and Bending Parts

Biegeteile aus Bandmaterial

Bending Parts of Strip Material

We support you in the development, sample production and series production of bending parts of strip material that exactly meet your requirements.


Pressing Parts

We manufacture pressing/stamped parts according to your individual requirements on our automatic stamping machines with progressive cutting tools. Our specialists develop the tools required for this for you.




We offer manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic assembly of spring components (compression springs, bent parts, stamped parts,…) as well as components from purchased parts to mechanical assemblies.