Other industries

As diverse as our products are, their range of applications is also unlimited. Our customer base is made up of a large number of different industries – even outside the more precisely detailed sectors.

Examples of other industries we would like to mention here are aerospace, railroads, white goods, shipping, as well as pulp and paper, food industry and nuclear industry.

We already have initial use cases in these industries and are very interested in winning further projects for ourselves.

Get to know us better

Contact us to learn more about our springs, stamped/bent parts, and assembly manufacturing capabilities.

With more than 85 years of experience as a spring manufacturer, we at Stumpp + Schüle are proud to offer a very wide range of springs and stampings for a variety of industries.

If your company is active in the automotive industry and is looking for high-quality products to integrate into your products, please contact your nearest Stumpp + Schüle Group company. Or take a look at our digital standard springs catalog, where you will find an extensive range of springs and wire forms. All products from it can be delivered at very short notice.