Our parent company Lesjöfors produces and supplies the medical technology industry with technical springs, bent parts and stampings for disposable medical products, medical equipment and hygiene-related products.

For this purpose, we have several production plants worldwide with the corresponding project expertise and equipment for medical technology.Regardless of the quantity and application, we offer innovative solutions for manufacturing, cleanliness, packaging and automation.

The high quality standard in medical technology is achieved through state-of-the-art production facilities and production technology, a large vertical range of manufacture, use of the latest laboratory technology and certified standards.


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With more than 85 years of experience as a spring manufacturer, we at Stumpp + Schüle are proud to offer a very wide range of springs and stampings for a variety of industries.

If your company is active in the automotive industry and is looking for high-quality products to integrate into your products, please contact your nearest Stumpp + Schüle Group company. Or take a look at our digital standard springs catalog, where you will find an extensive range of springs and wire forms. All products from it can be delivered at very short notice.