Stumpp + Schüle mainly specializes in providing stamped parts and bending solutions from various types of metal materials for our customers.

In our production hall you can find more than 20 hydraulic and mechanical pressing machines with pressing force from 63 to 315 tons. For this type of production we use single and multiple progressive dies, some of which are designed and manufactured in our own tool shop. Using such a wide range of technological equipment, we can offer our customers the production of parts from sheets and wires with a wide range of material thicknesses and dimensions. We are able to process material from 0.1 mm to 5 mm thick, the maximum width of the material is 250 mm.

In order to further expand our leading position in the market for stamped parts, Stumpp + Schüle is permanently investing in additional production technology.

In 2021, we have expanded our workshop with a new Hans Schoen 160 ton hydraulic press, which allows us to produce even medium-sized parts with stable quality and fast cycle.

In addition to this investment, we were also equipped with 3 Bihler machines, which allow us to offer the production of wire parts for our customers. It is planned to implement more Bihler technology in the next 2 years.

Stumpp + Schüle has also made some investments in advanced technology to ensure product quality and optimize production processes.

The latest technology in process control in the areas of pressing, forming and assembly from Schwer + Kopka offers solutions that have already been implemented in most of our press lines. Pressing incidents such as waste chips, die breakage, die breakage, feeding problems and double-layered material can be detected immediately. Our goal is to move forward with this technology in our operations to continuously improve our process quality.