Component Assembly

In addition to the production of stamped and bent parts, assembly production is an area that is in great demand by our customers. Current trends in industrial production demand more than simple parts production. Our customers are increasingly asking for products such as modules or product sets. Therefore, our company has decided to offer this type of service and has therefore invested in the development and construction of appropriate assembly work areas. Based on the selected products and customer requirements, we are able to perform manual assembly processes (by our employees), semi-automatic or fully automatic processes using state-of-the-art workstations.

These workstations are mostly specially developed for the assembly of certain products, but some are also universally applicable for other projects. We manufacture the required assembly equipment in our own tool shop or in cooperation with selected partner companies. Here, the quality and functional protection of the assembly device are ensured by appropriate testing systems.

The type of products we usually assemble for our customers are of course springs, stampings or bent parts in combination with purchased parts. Some final products/assemblies consist of only two parts, but some are much more complex as they consist of several components. Our company’s staff is very experienced with this type of assembly activities and can add value to any ongoing project. Qualified and well-trained personnel is one of our main objectives to be competitive in the market.

Our production area covers almost 5,000 m², so we still have enough space to realize new projects with the help of assembly equipment. You are welcome to visit our current assembly workshop by looking at some pictures on our website, or you can contact us and schedule a personal visit to our production plant in Nové Zámky – Slovakia.