Nové Zámky

The subsidiary plant of Stumpp + Schüle Beuren is located in Nové Zámky, Slovakia, which is in the Nitra district and about halfway between Bratislava (SK) and Budapest (HU).

Together with Lesjöfors Springs Slovakia in Myjava, the plant is one of two Lesjöfors Group plants in Slovakia.

The Team:

Our team at the Slovakian site consists of a large number of experienced employees and specialists in production, quality, logistics, technology and administration, who also have a great deal of language talent due to the country’s geographical location.

In Nové Zámky you will find the following competences and core areas:

  • Production of wire bending parts
  • Production of stamped/bent parts and in particular stamped parts
  • Hardening technology
  • Construction / Project Management
  • Toolmaking for bending and progressive dies
  • Sales and administration